Industrial Exhaust Fan Issues and How to Prevent Them

There’s a lot to be said for proper air ventilation. In certain industrial settings, removing old air and replacing it with new, fresh air is paramount. It’s not only more pleasant for the people in the space, but it can prevent them from breathing in harsh chemicals or other contaminants as well.

Restaurants, for example, employ the use of industrial kitchen extractor fans. This is so the various smells and gases produced when cooking can be spirited away to the outside. There are several other viable uses for industrial exhaust fans, which makes maintaining them that much more important.

This article will cover some industrial exhaust fan issues and how to prevent them.

Common industrial fan issues

Any time you have a piece of heavy machinery that’s going to constantly be in motion, the potential for problems will always be there. Knowing about potential issues beforehand can help you to prevent them. Here are some common industrial exhaust fan headaches that you may experience:

  • Overheated system caused by exhaust fan inefficiency
  • Metal-on-metal scraping or grinding sounds
  • Shaking or vibrating sounds
  • Other loud unusual noises
  • Poor air quality regulation and performance

How to prevent industrial exhaust fan issues

If you own an industrial kitchen extractor fan or another type of industrial exhaust fan, there are certain measures you can take to hopefully avoid the above issues.

Proper installation

Efficient industrial exhaust fan performance begins with good installation. To get this, you should do an ample amount of research before hiring someone to install your industrial exhaust fan. You’ll need someone with experience and expertise to install your industrial exhaust fan to prevent issues down the line. Check reviews, ask for references and shop around to ensure that you get someone reputable to install your industrial exhaust fan.

Schedule regular inspections

You should have your industrial exhaust fan inspected every six months by a licensed inspector. This can ensure that your industrial exhaust fan is in working order and that you’re up to code as far as safety regulations go.

Schedule regular maintenance

Once you get your industrial exhaust fan installed, you should ask how often you’ll need to have maintenance scheduled. You’ll probably want to have your industrial exhaust fan serviced at least every three months, but your installer should tell you what frequency is best. When having maintenance performed on your industrial exhaust fan, make sure that the following parts receive attention and care: motors, blades, belts, louvers, dampers, bearings, inlets, outlets, shafts, access ports and the main drive.

Perform DIY maintenance

There are a few things you can do on your own to maintain your industrial exhaust fan. The first order of business should be to store it somewhere where it won’t get damaged while it’s not in use. If it’s going to be stored for a long time, you can remove the belt tensions. Once it’s installed, you should rotate the blades by hand (after making sure it’s safely turned off) once a week.

Call for your industrial exhaust fan maintenance today

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