Common Reasons Your Energy Bill Is Higher Than Usual

Energy bills stay about the same from one month to the next, so many homeowners find themselves caught off guard when their latest bill is nearly double the last. Countless factors can explain why you’re paying too much for electricity.

Let’s break down the main causes behind a sudden high energy bill.

Poorly-insulated doors and window

Poor insulation is the number one culprit behind high energy bills. Unless your house is brand-new, most homes lack insulation one way or another. Air leaks around doors, windows and roofs account for nearly half of the total energy loss in buildings. Your heat pump or air conditioner will have to work overtime just to maintain a stable temperature.

Old appliances are less efficient

Many homeowners notice increased costs when appliances are past their prime. A heater that’s on its last leg is much less energy efficient than it was 15 years ago. Old appliances have to work harder, which is going to cost you big time. Switching to newer, more efficient appliances will drastically reduce your monthly energy bill.

Cranking up (or down) the thermostat

The temperature reading on your thermostat is a dead giveaway about how much you’ll spend that month. Homeowners crank it up in the winter, and they dial it down in the summer. Every degree you add or subtract from the house’s temperature contributes a 6 percent increase to your monthly bill. If you want to save money during extreme weather, consider alternative ways to keep warm or cool off.

Consuming energy at peak times

What many homeowners don’t realize is that the cost of energy fluctuates depending on the time of day. People use energy in the morning as they get ready for work; then, they come home and use more energy at night. Utility companies are aware of these patterns, and they jack up the prices accordingly. Heavy electronic use during peak times could mean you’re paying too much for electricity.

You hosted a large social gathering

One month could lead to an energy bill that’s higher than the rest. This is common among homeowners who throw parties for special occasions. Every kitchen appliance is running to whip up a feast, and the lights stay on far into the night. Social gatherings consume a ton of energy, which leads to a high energy bill.

New electronics in the home

Homeowners will notice a sudden hike in their energy bills when they add new electronics to the home. Winter consumes more energy than usual due to all the space heaters and festive light displays. Also, energy bills go up when your house gains one more computer or television. While these additions aren’t necessarily bad, homeowners should prepare themselves to absorb the cost.

Some cost increases are normal, while others could be a warning sign. If you’re paying too much for electricity, chances are you need to replace something in the HVAC system. The contractors at Air Climate Control, Inc. specialize in providing homeowners with energy-efficient solutions. Our heating and cooling units will save you money every month.

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