Is There Anything Wrong with Switching Back and Forth from Heating to AC?

During the fall, temperatures can be fickle in some areas. One day, it could be warm enough to leave the air conditioning on, while you have to blast the heat on another day. This leaves many people wondering, “Is it bad to switch back and forth between heat and AC?”

This isn’t usually a big deal, though it could sometimes result in short cycling—and furnace short cycling repair costs could easily break the bank.

Below, we provide some helpful information for those wondering, “Is it bad to switch back and forth between heat and AC?”

Avoiding short cycling

As mentioned above, short cycling is a possibility when switching back and forth between your heat and AC. Short cycling usually occurs when your air conditioner is turned off and on too quickly. This puts major stress on your air conditioning system and could result in higher energy bills and air conditioner breakdowns. You could even trip a fuse by short cycling the air conditioning system.

Avoid quickly turning your air conditioner off and on, as this could result in a compressor lockup. A compressor lockup can also occur if you immediately adjust the temperature after your AC unit finishes its cooling cycle. Instead, keep your thermostat off for around 10 minutes after your air conditioner stops. This will allow time for the refrigerant pressure to equalize.

Furnace short cycling repair costs

Despite your best efforts, short cycling can occur with HVAC systems. The cost for furnace short cycling repair can vary based on many factors, though it will probably be a few hundred dollars.

How do I keep my family comfortable?

Switching between heat and AC won’t usually cause a problem—just be sure to avoid short cycling by taking the precautions mentioned above. Doing so will help keep your family comfortable all year round.

When to contact a professional

As you now know, it can sometimes be bad to switch back and forth between heat and AC. If you’re concerned about your HVAC system, be sure to contact a professional right away for an inspection. Putting off repairs will only result in a small problem becoming a large and expensive one.

Furnace short cycling repairs are not something you want to try and take care of on your own. Doing so could result in an expensive mistake and even injury. Instead, find an HVAC contractor in your area with plenty of experience in heating and air conditioning repairs. Check their reviews, and consider asking for an estimate before they start repairs.

Let us take care of all your HVAC repair needs

If you’re in need of furnace short cycling repairs or any other HVAC maintenance, get in touch with the experts at Air Climate Control, Inc. to schedule an appointment. We have a team of experienced technicians who will be at your home in no time to quickly assess and fix any damages. When working with us, you can be sure you’ll get a fair price for top-quality service.

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