What HVAC Odors Signal Big Problems?

Have you noticed an odor coming from air conditioning vents? Wondering if that odor means there’s a problem with your HVAC system?

Most HVAC units produce certain odors from time to time, many of them not being a cause for concern. However, smells like rotten eggs and sewage could mean there’s a major problem with your HVAC system.

Read on to see if that odor coming from your air conditioning vents signals a big problem:

  • Soiled socks: The smell of soiled socks can occur when there’s mold or mildew buildup on your air conditioner’s evaporator coil. This usually occurs after you haven’t used the air conditioner for a while, thus giving mold time to grow. It’s a major problem, as this mold and mildew could easily get into your home’s air supply, potentially causing health problems.
  • Rotten eggs: Most of the time, the smell of rotten eggs coming from your vents signals a gas leak. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous, so you should let your utility company know about the smell right away. There are many places in a home where gas leaks could originate, including the furnace. Avoid trying to determine the cause of the smell on your own, and contact an expert instead.
  • Sewage: The smell of sewage usually comes from, well, sewage. A sewage leak could easily cause an unpleasant odor to permeate throughout your home, especially if a part of your HVAC system is near a sewage line. Again, it’s important to let someone know as soon as you notice this smell. Inhaling gases from sewage lines is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Smoke: There are many possible causes for a smoky smell coming from your vents. Sometimes something as simple as nearby cigarette smoke could cause the smell. If cigarette smoke is constantly infecting the inside of your home, consider investing in an air purifier. You may also want to replace your current air filters. A burning smoke smell is usually more cause for concern. This could signal an oil leak, though it’s best to speak with a technician before jumping to any conclusions.
  • Musty odor: Mustiness is another odor that can signal the presence of mold and mildew in your HVAC system. This mold could be present on your air conditioner’s condenser coil or the HVAC system ductwork. You don’t want mold constantly circulating through your home, so be sure to have it removed right away.

Getting rid of HVAC odors

While it might be tempting to try and take care of HVAC problems on your own, it’s always best to contact an experienced technician. They can quickly diagnose the issue and offer the best repair recommendations. Hiring an experienced technician right away will help prevent expensive future repairs.

If you’ve recently noticed an odor coming from your air conditioning vents, contact the experts at Air Climate Control, Inc. We’ll come inspect your air conditioning unit and determine what repairs are necessary. Don’t put off repairs too long, or you could face a larger repair bill down the line.

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