Great Ways to Get Your Furnace Ready for the Winter

It won’t be long before the temperatures start to get cooler, which means you may have to fire up your furnace soon. You don’t want your furnace to end up giving out during the height of winter. That’s why it’s good to start preparing early. There are a lot of easy ways to prepare your furnace for the winter, but it all comes down to providing your furnace with proper maintenance.

Read on to learn some great furnace maintenance tips that you can start on right away:

  • Don’t forget to change your air filters: Routinely changing air filters is an important part of HVAC maintenance. Over time, air filters can collect a huge layer of allergens that will prevent proper airflow. This can put a massive strain on your HVAC unit and cause major issues down the line. Dirty air filters are also terrible for the health of those living in your household. Most experts recommend changing your air filter around once a month, though this can vary based on the type of filters you have. For example, there are washable air filters that you only need to clean once a month instead of replacing.
  • Maintain the blower motor: The blower motor is an essential part of every HVAC system that’s responsible for blowing air through your vents. Some motor blowers require routine lubrication. Consult your HVAC unit’s owner’s manual or a local specialist to see if your motor needs lubrication before turning on the furnace. This will help ensure that your HVAC’s blower motor works well all winter.
  • Keep the AC condenser covered: Covering your AC condenser will help prevent icicles and other falling debris from damaging it. You can use something around your house to cover the condenser as long as the object is large enough. For example, a trash can lid would be a good item to use—just be sure to secure it well. This step isn’t necessary if you have a heat pump.
  • Watch for any blockages: Before turning on your furnace, be sure to check all your air vents for blockages. This could include furniture, decorations and much more. Removing obstructions will make it easier for your furnace to warm the entire home. You can also help prevent fires by moving items away from your air vents.

Should you get your furnace serviced every year?

Annual inspections are an important part of furniture maintenance and should be performed at least once a year. A proper inspection will ensure that all components of your furnace are in good working condition. These inspections will also help point out any issues that might cause poor airflow.

It’s also a good idea to have an HVAC professional give your furnace a tune-up before the temperatures start to drop. These tune-ups usually include cleaning, testing and lubricating all of your furnace’s essential components.

Working with a reputable HVAC service provider will help prevent the need for expensive future repairs. If you want to ensure your furnace is properly prepared for the winter, or need more furnace maintenance tips, contact the experts at Air Climate Control, Inc.

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