Common Causes of a Frozen Air Conditioner

There are certain problems that can cause an air conditioner to freeze, which could result in the need for expensive repairs. Though you may not realize it, air conditioner freezing happens a lot, even during the warm summer months. It’s usually easy to figure out if your air conditioner is frozen—you simply need to check for signs of ice. Hissing sounds and a lack of cool air are also common signs of a frozen air conditioner.

If you think your air conditioner is frozen, be sure to contact a specialist right away. Fixing the problem early can help prevent major damage. Read on to learn about common causes of a frozen air conditioner.

Low refrigerant levels or leaks

Low refrigerant levels can easily cause the coils in your air conditioner to freeze up. Warm air flashes liquid refrigerant into a gas. When there isn’t enough refrigerant, this flash will occur too quickly, which sometimes results in frozen coils. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your refrigerant levels and always add more when necessary.

Airflow issues

Another common cause of AC freezing is airflow problems. There are many things that can cause low airflow, including clogged air filters, a bad blower motor, collapsed ducts and much more. If you’ve noticed low airflow coming from your AC unit, be sure to contact a specialist right away. Low airflow can prevent water in your air conditioning unit from condensing properly, which often results in frozen coils.

Bad drainage

Proper drainage prevents condensed water from staying inside your AC unit and eventually freezing. If left too long, this frozen water will cause your coils to freeze, which often results in major drainage issues. Basically, your drainage problem will only get worse over time if left without repairs.

Dust buildup

A large buildup of dust could easily block the coils in your air conditioner. When a dust blockage grows large enough, it could trap cold air within the coils, causing them to freeze. Like with bad drainage, dust buildup will only cause your freezing problem to get worse with time. Prevent future expensive repairs by contacting a specialist right away.

Preventing a frozen air conditioner

The best way to prevent a frozen air conditioner is by providing your HVAC with routine maintenance. That means, for example, changing air filters once every month or so, removing debris from around the outside unit and cleaning air vents. Maintaining your air conditioner will not only prevent freezing but can also help increase the longevity of your unit. If you don’t have time to properly maintain your AC unit, consider hiring a professional for scheduled maintenance.

It’s also a good idea to schedule an air conditioner inspection from time to time. An air conditioner specialist will find and point out any small problems, thus preventing larger ones. If you’re looking for top-quality air conditioner maintenance, contact the experts at Air Climate Control, Inc. We even provide 24/7 emergency services. Reach out today to schedule your appointment!

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