3 Tips for Making Your HVAC More Energy Efficient

Between global warming and skyrocketing energy costs, HVAC efficiency should be at the top of your priority list. Efficient heating and air reduces your company’s carbon footprint, reduces the likelihood of an unexpected shutdown and keeps your employees and customers comfortable. That’s especially important during Minnesota’s hot, humid summers and icy winters.

Whatever kind of commercial property you own, if you use heating and refrigeration, it’s time to turn your attention toward efficiency. Here are three easy ways to make your HVAC system more energy efficient.

1. Switch out your thermostats

How many times do you adjust your heating and cooling throughout any given workday? If you’re still operating your thermostat by hand, you could be wasting valuable energy. Manual thermostats are a thing of the past. Instead of letting your employees fight over whether the office temperature should be “cool” or “frigid,” let a smart thermostat do the work.

Smart thermostats are connected to the internet, which opens up a world of possibilities. Sensors, predictive analytics and cloud computing can automatically adjust the temperature for you. Your thermostat can be programmed to adjust itself depending on the relative temperature and humidity. By using predictive analytics, your thermostat will eventually “learn” when heating and cooling is needed most, and act accordingly.

Best of all, smart thermostats can save up to 20 percent on your monthly energy bill. Using less power means a lower impact on the environment.

2. Consider a new, energy efficient HVAC unit

Smart thermostats won’t help much if you’re still running an HVAC system from 20 years ago. Modern HVAC technology is designed to be as energy efficient as possible, while still pumping out enough hot and cold air to keep your building comfortable.

Commercial buildings usually use about 44 percent of their total energy needs on heating and cooling. Imagine the difference a new energy efficient unit can make. Depending on your building and the model you choose, you could save up to 52 percent on your monthly energy bills. That’s money that could be reinvested into your business. Best of all, there are often local, state and federal incentives to upgrade your HVAC unit. You might be able to save on monthly energy bills and get rebates or tax credits at the same time.

3. Try solar power

Finally, for a truly energy efficient building, consider adding solar power. Solar panels generate energy that can be used in the building, stored for later or even sold back to the power company. However, there are also opportunities to increase your HVAC efficiency. Some companies produce solar collectors that feed directly into the HVAC unit. Over a period of a year, users see anywhere from a 30 to 50 percent cost reduction.

While solar power often requires a big initial investment, the overall savings will eventually pay for itself—and you’ll have the benefit of knowing you’re helping save the planet.

When you’re ready for efficient commercial heating and air service solutions, call the team at Air Climate Control, Inc.

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