What You Should Know About Common Commercial AC Issues

Keeping the air-conditioning running at your commercial property is essential in keeping your employees and customers happy throughout the muggy summer months. Because commercial HVAC systems are constantly running and must cool a larger space, they tend to run into some more issues than residential units.

This post will cover commercial HVAC troubleshooting in Minneapolis, MN for a few of the more common breakdowns.

Strange sounds

All air conditioners make a little bit of noise while they’re running. But random sounds can mean big trouble for your unit. If you hear banging noises, there’s probably a loose part that needs adjusting. A buzzing noise could indicate things like a loose part, dirty filter or a refrigerant leak. Call a pro as soon as you hear anything strange—these sounds won’t go away on their own.

Refrigerant leaks

Your system’s liquid refrigerant plays a key role in cooling the air before it’s pumped through the vents in your building. Although ACs are sealed, refrigerants can start to leak in some situations. If that’s the case, you’ll feel warmer air than usual when the AC is running. Calling a professional early on can prevent the need for more expensive repairs.

Thermostat problems

An air-conditioning issue might not be due to a problem with the unit itself but instead with the sensors in the thermostats. If the AC won’t kick on or if it cycles randomly, the automatic thermostat is taking the temperature incorrectly. Your HVAC pro can resolve this issue by repairing the broken thermostats or replacing them altogether.

Clogged filters

Your system’s filters are responsible for keeping debris out of the unit and trapping contaminants from entering your air. These filters trap a ton of pollutants, which means they get clogged up quickly. Clogged or dirty filters reduce your system’s energy efficiency and can lead to premature component failure. Be sure to replace your filters on a set schedule to avoid these issues.

Improper air balance

If some rooms in your building feel cooler or warmer than others while the AC is running, something is clearly wrong with your rooftop HVAC system in Minneapolis, MN. This issue is called an improper air balance, and it stems from issues with the damper, which is responsible for airflow control. Thankfully, your HVAC pro should be able to make a quick fix to set this issue straight.

How can these issues be avoided?

Thankfully, many issues with a rooftop HVAC system in Minneapolis, MN can be avoided with a seasonal tune-up. Call your HVAC contractor to service your air-conditioning unit each spring and your heating system each fall. During these tune-ups, your mechanic will clean the entire system, replace any damaged parts and run tests to ensure the unit is working to the best of its ability.

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