Bathroom Exhaust Fans: Top Cleaning Tips

Maintaining commercial operations is a hefty endeavor. With so many moving parts and never-ending to-do lists, smaller tasks can easily fall by the wayside. After all, how often do business owners think about their bathroom exhaust fans in Minneapolis, MN? However, keeping up with this maintenance is important. Use the following tips to simplify this task and keep your bathrooms in top working order:

  • Regular check-ups: The first step in proper bathroom exhaust fan maintenance in Minneapolis, MN is to clean the fans on a regular basis. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for each fan, but a good rule of thumb is to clean them once per quarter or semi-annually. This will not only keep the fans running more smoothly, but it will also make the task easier each time, with less debris buildup to clear away.
  • Safety protocols: Bathroom exhaust fans in Minneapolis, MN are probably not the most complex devices involved in your commercial operations. However, it is still essential that bathroom exhaust fan maintenance be performed following appropriate safety protocols. Untrained technicians or maintenance shortcuts can result in personal injury and property damage. Make sure the technician who services your fans is properly trained in how to safely clean each fan. Follow all electrical guidelines and take any other safety measures necessary to complete this task without issue.
  • Filter maintenance: One of the most important parts of bathroom exhaust fan maintenance in Minneapolis, MN is keeping the filter clean. A clean filter improves the efficiency and overall operation of the fan. Always keep a fresh filter on hand so it can be replaced as needed. Generally, the filter should be replaced each time you clean the fan, but some filters can be cleaned to extend their use before replacement.
  • Odor control: Vigilant cleaning of bathroom exhaust fans in Minneapolis, MN should prevent the presence of foul odors. If the fans become clogged, your commercial setting may suffer from unpleasant smells, so check your fans if you experience bad odors. The odor can spread from the bathroom to other parts of your operations. To prevent this from happening, simply stay on top of proper bathroom exhaust fan maintenance.
  • Component inspection: Keep in mind that commercial bathroom exhaust fans in Minneapolis, MN involves more than just the blades. When you perform cleaning and maintenance on these machines, it is essential to clean and inspect all components. Be sure to include all ports, outlets, blades and other machinery involved in the operation of the exhaust fan. This thorough maintenance will keep the fan running smoothly and extend its lifespan.

Trust the experts

Your best option for bathroom exhaust fan maintenance in Minneapolis, MN may be simply to partner with professionals to complete this task. This will ensure the maintenance is done regularly and properly, and takes a task off your team’s plate. To keep your bathroom exhaust fans in top working order, partner with the pros at Air Climate Control, Inc. We specialize in preventative maintenance plans. Call today for a free estimate or to schedule your next service.

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