Signs You Have an Air Quality Problem

We spend a lot of time indoors, especially during the winter. If you’ve been feeling under the weather for no obvious reason, or you’re noticing excessive dust and drafts, you might have an indoor air quality problem. This can result in health problems, as well as higher utility bills. Fortunately, working with a local HVAC contractor can help solve these ventilation issues in Minneapolis, MN. Here are the most common signs of bad air quality:

  • Drafts and dust: Drafts are easy to detect in winter. If your heater is running, yet you still feel cold air coming in, you probably have air leaks around your doors and windows. This might also manifest as dark dust tracks appearing on the floor and windowsills. This is a sign that too much air from outside is making its way into your building. To solve this, make sure you seal your doors and windows to prevent heat and air transfer. You can also call your local HVAC contractor to inspect and repair any leaks in your HVAC system’s ductwork.
  • Trapped odors: Are the same smells lurking in your building, even though they should have dissipated by now? There are two potential reasons for this. First, the source of the odor is still releasing the smell. Second, there isn’t enough air exchange to move the odor around and out of your building. Take note of where you notice odors occurring and what caused them—either you can get rid of the item that’s releasing the odor, or you’ll need to talk to an HVAC professional to improve the ventilation in your building.
  • Dry air: If it feels uncomfortably dry inside, check your HVAC and other ventilation equipment’s fan speed. This may be a sign of too much air exchange. Conversely, if you live in a humid climate and it’s too humid indoors, there’s likely an issue with outdoor air making its way inside. Check the ventilation and seal your doors and windows with weatherstripping for best results.
  • Allergic or asthmatic symptoms: If you notice your allergies, asthma or other respiratory symptoms getting worse indoors, that’s a sure sign that the indoor air quality is bad. Keep an eye on your building’s ventilation system, and look for other potential causes, such as excessive dust, insect infiltration and mold or mildew growing in dark corners.
  • Mold and mildew: Speaking of mold and mildew, if you see them growing around your space, you have too much moisture in the air. You’ll need to improve the ventilation and air exchange—sometimes all this requires is an extra fan or opening a window. If the problem persists, call an HVAC contractor for assistance.

Have you noticed these signs of bad air quality in Minneapolis, MN? Air Climate Control, Inc. can help you solve your heating, cooling and ventilation problems. We’ve been helping commercial and industrial clients improve their indoor air quality since 1991—give us a call today to learn more and schedule service. We look forward to hearing from you.

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