Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration

With so much to do while running a business, properly maintaining your commercial refrigeration may not seem like a big deal. There is always something more important to do than keeping up with regular maintenance, looking into commercial refrigeration services or booking an appointment for minor commercial cooler repair. However, if you neglect maintaining your commercial refrigeration systems or put off making repairs, you can end up with far more inconvenience and expense than regular maintenance would have involved.

If you need commercial refrigeration services in Hennepin County, MN, contact the experts at Air Climate Control, Inc. We can help with any questions you have about proper maintenance, commercial cooler repair and more to help you prevent breakdowns or major repairs.

How to keep up with commercial refrigeration maintenance

Though you’ll need to contact professionals for some commercial refrigeration services, there are some maintenance tasks you can do for yourself to save on damages and repairs. The worst thing you can do to commercial refrigeration is neglect it. Refrigeration equipment should be cleaned and organized regularly to keep it in top condition. Obviously, you shouldn’t wash electrical components with water, since they should not get wet, but you should certainly clean the inside and outside of refrigeration units with soap and hot water. Finally, proper airflow helps commercial refrigeration units to function, so make sure your units are getting appropriate ventilation and aren’t totally covered up.

While cleaning and organizing, you should also inspect your commercial refrigeration equipment for any issues. If you’re not a professional, you may not be able to spot all the problems that may come up with your equipment, but there’s a lot you can see. If there are signs of leaks or pools of condensation, strange noises or broken parts, you know it’s time to contact a provider of commercial refrigeration services and possibly commercial cooler repair in Hennepin County, MN.

When you need the professionals

Though there’s a lot you can do for your commercial refrigeration on your own, there are some regular maintenance tasks you’ll need to rely on the professionals to complete. Don’t wait until something is terribly wrong to contact your commercial HVAC contractors. Professionals will check refrigerant levels in your machines and calibrate thermometers. They’ll look for damage you wouldn’t be able to see, like loose internal electrical components, air leaks and any damage or signs of wear in gaskets and seals. They’ll also clean everything from evaporator and condenser coils to fan blades, ice maker components and drain lines.

Don’t wait to maintain your commercial refrigeration!

Commercial cooler repair can cost a lot more than regular maintenance. Even small issues can cause a cooler to break down, which can destroy all the products you have stored. If you need to shut down your commercial coolers for major repairs, you can also lose business while repairs are being made. Keeping up with regular commercial refrigeration services in Hennepin County, MN means you can schedule maintenance or even commercial cooler repair at your convenience. It also means your machines will run more efficiently, which can save on energy costs and will help them last longer. Contact the experts at Air Climate Control, Inc. today to schedule service!

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