How to Prevent Pests from Making Nests in Your HVAC System

Now is the time of year that insects and rodents start trying to make shelter inside to avoid the cooler temperatures outdoors. Since they can’t exactly walk through the front door, one of the easiest ways to sneak inside a building is through the HVAC system.

Unless you’re hiring an exterminator, it’s on you to prevent these pests from getting inside. Luckily, this task is relatively easy with some commercial HVAC preventative maintenance in Hennepin County, MN. Continue reading to learn how to stop insects from getting inside and causing problems in your HVAC.

Seal the ducts

The easiest way for pests to get into your building is often through gaps in your ducts. Even the smallest holes and cracks in your air ducts are easy for most insects and even rodents to exploit. Unfortunately, most pests don’t stay in your ductwork—they make their way down into the building itself. Hiring an HVAC contractor to inspect and seal your ducts can prevent a nasty infestation.

Install flue and vent covers

Your HVAC system has a flue pipe that expels byproducts from the furnace. It also has fresh air intake vents that are components of the ventilation system. Pests often have an easy time accessing your building through these areas. Additionally, if critters make nests in vents or flues, your HVAC system will suffer and could malfunction. As part of your commercial HVAC preventative maintenance in Hennepin County, MN, install covers on all exterior flues and vents. Simple covers will prevent HVAC breakdowns and pest infestations.

Protect the AC condenser

One of the biggest problems with a rodent infestation is all of their gnawing and scratching. Sealing your ducts and installing vent covers can prevent interior problems, but rodents can cause tons of damage without ever making their way inside. If rodents start chewing on components of your outdoor AC compressor, you could have to shell out for hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs. To prevent that, trim back any vegetation near the condenser and consider spraying a pest repellent.

What are the dangers of pest infestations?

Having creepy-crawly rodents and insects anywhere near your building is gross enough as it is, but they can also cause some big problems. These are a few of the top concerns:

  • Damage: Pests entering your building through your HVAC system are bound to do some type of damage to your AC or heater. Depending on the severity, this could lead to expensive repairs or even total replacement. Take some time to do HVAC maintenance in Hennepin County, MN and avoid these unnecessary costs.
  • Health concerns: Rodents and insects are well known for spreading germs and bacteria. Letting them crawl around in your ductwork allows them to spread diseases and bacteria throughout your building. In a worst-case scenario, this could lead to diseases like hantavirus, salmonellosis or rat-bite fever. The only way to prevent these health concerns is to keep those pests out of your building.

Time is running out before pests start making their way inside your building—call our professionals at Air Climate Control, Inc. for HVAC maintenance in Hennepin County, MN to stop them. In addition to saving your business from all sorts of pest issues, we’ll ensure your HVAC system functions as it should throughout the year.

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