What Kind of Maintenance Does Your Commercial HVAC System Need?

Just like with residential HVAC systems, commercial heating and cooling systems need professional maintenance to function their best. This post will cover what a professional’s furnace tune-up checklist in Hennepin County, MN includes and what you can do to keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape:

  • Check filters: First and foremost, the HVAC filters should be inspected every few weeks to ensure they’re not clogged. Clogged air filters lead to poor performance, higher energy bills, broken components and even worse indoor air quality. Change your filters every three to six months or per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Clean: You should hire a professional commercial HVAC contractor to clean your AC system in the spring and your heating system in the fall. A clean system is more energy efficient and is less likely to break down in the middle of the season. While your technician is cleaning all indoor and outdoor components, they’ll inspect the parts to ensure they’re in working order.
  • Lubricate: Proper lubrication is the key to a well-working HVAC system. After your HVAC technician has cleaned all of the indoor and outdoor components, they’ll lubricate all of the moving parts to help with functionality throughout the year.
  • Program thermostats: As part of your furnace tune-up checklist in Hennepin County, MN, it’s recommended to check and program all of your building’s thermostats at the beginning of both the heating and cooling seasons. Programming them at this point helps reduce energy costs and ensures all areas of the building are cooled or heated at even temperatures.

The importance of annual maintenance

We don’t advise HVAC fall maintenance in Hennepin County, MN for no reason. These are the benefits of calling a professional each fall and spring:

  • Save money: Scheduling preventative maintenance twice a year, checking your air filters and programming your thermostats saves you money in a few different ways. In addition to reducing your monthly heating and cooling bills, tune-ups prevent repairs and help prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system. A maintenance visit isn’t free, but it’s a lot cheaper than an emergency repair or replacing your entire unit.
  • Improve air quality: Indoor air quality is paramount, especially for employees with asthma or other breathing conditions. The top two ways to improve the air quality in your building are changing out your air filters on a regular basis and hiring a professional to clean your system each spring and fall. If any employees feel sick or complain about the air quality, call a professional to inspect your system and make repairs.
  • Ensure comfort: There’s nothing worse than working in a building that’s too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Programming your thermostats guarantees the building will be at an even temperature all season long and everyone will be comfortable while in the space.

Schedule your tune-up today!

HVAC fall maintenance in Hennepin County, MN can’t wait any longer! Avoid unnecessary repairs and prolong your HVAC’s lifespan by calling our team at Air Climate Control, Inc. for a routine tune-up today.

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