HVAC Coil Cleaning

At Air Climate Control, Inc, we recognize the value of regular AC maintenance and often advise our clients on how important, regular upkeep is for the continued performance of their AC systems. One area that should not be overlooked when maintaining your AC system is the regular application of HVAC coils cleaning. One of the reasons AC coil cleaning is often overlooked or ignored is that many people don’t see the negative impact dirty coils can have on an AC system’s performance. Here are some of the issues dirty coils can lead to and why cleaning matters.

The Negative Impact of Dirty HVAC Coils

  • Increase in Energy Cost: As coils become dirty, it becomes more difficult for the HVAC unit to function efficiently. A less efficient unit costs more money to run to achieve the same performance results. In general, dirty coils can cause an HVAC unit to require between 20 and 50 percent more energy to produce the same results. Commercial properties often make use of multiple HVAC units to control the temperature in the building or buildings; if all of these HVAC units have dirty coils, the costs can very quickly add up.
  • Reduce the Lifespan of Your Equipment: Dirty coils not only use more power, but they also put more pressure on the various components of your HVAC units. For example, running your HVAC units longer to meet past results put more wear on the unit. Over a long enough period, your HVAC unit can fail due to its increased use daily. Common repair issues due to this overuse can include a failed compressor.
  • Poor Air Quality: Dirty coils create an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to grow. When your HVAC system is running, air passes over your unit’s coils, and any collected airborne pathogens that have collected on and around the coils can be spread throughout your building. This can cause health and breathing issues with both your employees and your customers.

Cleaning HVAC Coils

How to clean a coil in AC unit normally involves hiring a professional to ensure the job is done correctly. Your HVAC unit’s coils are a key part of the system and if they are damaged your HVAC unit will not work properly. Common cleaning methods include the use of compressed air and cleaners to remove dirt, debris, and bacteria. A professional not only knows how to clean HVAC coils safely but can also do the proper testing to ensure your HVAC units are working as expected.

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