Why Is My Commercial Refrigerator Freezing?

You rely heavily on your commercial refrigerator if you run a restaurant business or something similar, and a problem like ice buildup or freezing can upset your operations immensely. Getting on top of the problem and resolving it immediately is how you can return to productivity and stability. These are some answers to the questions regarding refrigerator freezing and what you can do if it happens to you.

Why Is My Commercial Refrigerator Freezing?

There are many reasons you might find ice buildup. A poorly set temperature is one of the most common causes of such buildup. That’s the first thing to check. You must find the dial inside your fridge to see if you have it set to a temperature too cold to keep the unit from freezing. The obvious solution is to turn it down and monitor it to ensure it is the problem. 

Not all freezing fridges have the same easy solution, unfortunately. Your system may have dirty coils that kick the compressor into overdrive. To solve this problem, you can try locating the coils and dusting them off to remove debris that may be blocking regular activity. 

A bad door seal can cause your refrigerator to ice as well. It might seem like you should have a warming problem rather than an icing issue, but this isn’t always true. The gasket seal can cause your fridge to run incessantly to compensate for the leaking cool air. Then the overworking fridge can freeze and accumulate ice. You will need to replace the door gasket if it’s your primary problem. It may be a repair you can handle alone, but you should consider contacting a professional company if you have any reservations. 

Your unit may also have a special air duct built into it. The purpose of this air duct is to keep certain items colder than the rest in the fridge. Unfortunately, these ducts can become misplaced. Check for it and see if you can move it or close the door shut. That might resolve the issue right away.

A faulty evaporator fan motor or defective defrosting system could cause your unit to develop excessive frost. This problem requires a specialist who is versed in commercial HVAC repair. You may need to have your evaporator fan motor replaced by such a person. 

It can be frustrating to have freezing issues and not know why. Fortunately, one of the above-mentioned issues is probably the culprit. Contacting a reliable company will help you get the diagnosis and treatment you deserve for your commercial fridge. 

Air Climate Control is an example of an expert establishment that can help you with all your commercial refrigeration needs. The company serves a variety of business establishments and helps them get their cooling systems back on track. They also have the unique attribute of being available to assist people 24 hours a day and all seven days of the week. Thus, you won’t have to deal with ice build up in commercial freezer units for long.   

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