Fall Is Almost Here. Schedule Your Commercial HVAC Maintenance

As a commercial business owner, facility-related expenses account for a large amount of your annual spending. Aside from mortgage or rent, your highest expense is likely your energy bill. Therefore, lowing your energy expenses can help save money on your utility bills and other areas of your business, allowing you to free up money to use elsewhere. Your commercial HVAC system is one of the best places to start saving in your business.

Why Commercial HVAC Maintenance Is Important

Commercial HVAC maintenance should never be skipped for any reason. Your HVAC system was a huge investment for your commercial business, and maintenance will keep it in good condition. Here are just a few of the many reasons commercial HVAC maintenance is so important.  

Improve Efficiency and Performance

Maintaining your commercial HVAC system will help improve its overall efficiency and performance. With regular maintenance, all the most important parts of your HVAC system that keep it running properly will be cleaned, lubricated, and calibrated. This keeps the system from working as hard to cool the air. As a result, it will last longer, use less electricity, and simply run more smoothly.

Save on Energy Bills

Commercial HVAC systems use a significant amount of energy, especially when running almost constantly during the hottest part of summer. When your system has not been maintained regularly, your energy costs will increase. Therefore, HVAC maintenance can save you money.

Avoid Catastrophes

If you do not keep a regular maintenance schedule, there is a higher chance of your commercial HVAC system failing on you. More often than not, premature failure occurs when you least expect it. Regular maintenance is necessary to minimize the risk of emergencies and potentially costly repairs.

Basic Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist

As a business owner, it can be helpful to know what commercial HVAC companies have included on their commercial HVAC inspection checklist. Contractors perform certain tasks at different times of the year. For instance, in the fall, the furnace will be the main inspection, whereas the air conditioner is the priority in the spring.

Here is a look at a basic commercial HVAC maintenance checklist.

  • Replace HVAC filters every 30 to 90 days.
  • Inspect the flue system.
  • Check for gas leaks, if necessary.
  • Check for sufficient gas pressure.
  • Inspect the heating elements and heat exchanger.
  • Inspect the ignition burner assembly.
  • Replace frayed belts.
  • Check all electrical and wiring connections.
  • Clear drain lines and drain pans.
  • Inspect the heat pump.
  • Check thermostats and controls and program as necessary.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.

Regularly investing in commercial HVAC maintenance and having your system undergo routine inspections will keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently year-round. Contact Air Climate Control, Inc. to schedule a free estimate or to request more information regarding our preventative maintenance plans that can be customized to your business needs.

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