How Do Computer Room Cooling Systems Work?

CRAC systems have become a standard requirement for a majority of the organizations that are already using massive data systems. These organizations need to ensure they are actively cooling their data centers to maintain the system’s integrity. Here’s how a cooling CRAC unit HVAC works.  

1. Venting Hot Air Outside

These units come with a condenser that is placed outside the data center. The unit pulls in the air from the outside using large fans and then passes it over coils that are full of refrigerant. This process helps to cool down the air, and the now-cooled air is pushed back into the data center. The hot air that was in the data center is pushed out using another set of fans, ensuring that only the cooled air is recirculated in the data center.

2. Keeping the Temperature and Humidity in Check

The CRAC units also help control the data center’s temperature and humidity. The units come with sensors that help monitor these conditions, and if there are any changes, the CRAC unit will make the necessary adjustments. For example, if the humidity in the data center starts to rise, the CRAC unit will increase the amount of air that is being pushed into the data center. This removes the extra moisture from the air and prevents any condensation from forming on the equipment.

3. Drawing Pre-Chilled Air in the Facility

It’s common for data centers to be located in areas where the temperature outside is very hot. In such cases, the CRAC unit will use what’s known as an economizer mode. This mode helps to draw in the cooler air from outside and then circulate it in the data center. This helps to keep the temperature in the data center at a comfortable level without having to use as much energy.

4. Recycling Internal Air by Cooling It

This might sound like a strange concept, but it’s very efficient. The CRAC unit will take the hot air that is inside the data center and then circulate it back through the cooling coils. This helps cool down the air without having to use as much energy. This method helps to save a significant amount of money on energy bills, and it also helps to extend the life of the unit.


CRAC units are an essential part of any data center and play a vital role in keeping the temperature and humidity comfortable. These units also help improve the air quality in the data center by circulating fresh air. Computer room cooling systems can also be used to keep the temperature at a required level which helps in maintaining all the computers. Contact Air Climate Control, Inc. today for all of your commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating needs.

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