How Often Should I Change My Commercial AC Filters?

As a business entity, your priority is your customers’ satisfaction. Employee comfort should be a concern as well. One way to ensure that all people who visit your facility are cozy is to keep the HVAC unit working effectively. Changing your commercial AC filters is one way to do that. These are some tips for maintaining your filters and knowing when to change them.

What Industrial HVAC Filters Do

Many people believe that the purpose of HVAC filters is to keep the air clean for the users. While a high-quality filter can do that, it’s not its primary purpose. Filters sit inside HVAC units to clean the air before it circulates into the system. They protect the system’s vital components by catching dirt, dust, and debris and stopping them from moving through the unit. That’s why it’s imperative to change your filter on time, and failure to do so can result in devastating internal damage. 

How Frequently Should You Change Your Filters?

Most filters will last at least three months, and you can set a calendar to ensure that you have someone change them. However, if you own a factory or restaurant, you might want to change your filter more frequently. The reason is that your establishment most likely produces more dust than most other businesses. You don’t want to risk clogging your system by not changing your filter frequently enough. Thus, it might be best to service yours once every month. 

Signs of Problems With the HVAC Filter

You can usually tell when your filter is on its way out and needs someone to replace it. One of the most frequent signs of a clogged filter is that the HVAC unit fails to cool properly. It might feel like you and your guests are waiting hours to experience a comfortable temperature. You may also smell strange smells or notice built-up dust around the slate areas. Furthermore, your unit might fail to work altogether. 

What To Do When Your Heating and Cooling System Glitches

It’s best to handle HVAC issues proactively. Let the experts handle the issue instead of trying to replace the filter yourself. Contact a reliable HVAC repair company to check your unit to see if it needs a new filter. The issue could be unrelated, and you’ll have someone there who can explain the problem and let you know how much fixing it will cost you.

The technician can also refill your fluids if needed and let you know what else you might need to do with your cooling system. Some companies provide free estimates to avoid placing a financial burden on prospective clients. 

Air Climate Control Inc is an expert authority on refrigeration and AC filtration. You can feel assured about reaching out to them to inspect, diagnose, or maintain your unit. Schedule an appointment if you think your AC needs a new filter or is showing signs of needing assistance. Estimates are free from charge so that you won’t get hit with any surprises. 

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