HVAC Economizers Explained

The HVAC system is a key part of both residential and commercial properties. No matter if you’re trying to cool your office or your home, you need to be able to do so reliably and effectively. Modern HVAC units offer many accessories and add-ons that make regular cooling more effective, convenient, and efficient. An effective way to keep indoor temperatures cool and reduce energy costs as the weather warms up is by installing an economizer.

What Is an Economizer HVAC?

An economizer HVAC is designed to reduce your energy use when cooling a business or home. During cooler parts of the year, the air outside can be colder than the air inside your home or business. With an economizer, this cooler outside air can be used to cool the interior without having to activate your AC unit’s compressor. This is more energy-efficient and also very practical. This saves on cooling costs and can also reduce wear on various components of your HVAC system. Economizers are often found in office buildings. However, residential models do exist and can be installed on home HVAC systems to reduce energy costs. 

How To Tell If Your AC Unit Economizer Is Malfunctioning

If your AC economizer is malfunctioning there will be several signs that indicate there is an issue. When the outside temperature is below 55 degrees, your economizer should activate by opening its dampers to prepare for use. If this does not occur, there is likely an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Common issues include damaged or missing filters, which can easily occur due to dirt build-up and general wear. Dirt, in general, can be an issue for your economizer, and it can collect in not only filters but also gears, dampers, controls, and more. Also, mechanical and general service needs can cause operation issues and unreliable performance. Mechanical problems are varied and can include bad sensors, issues with pressure, using incorrect sensors, and general sizing issues with various components. When your AC unit economizer needs service or repairs, you should always trust a professional.

Final Thoughts

An AC unit economizer is a useful addition to your home or business’s existing HVAC system. When properly maintained and serviced, an HVAC economizer keeps your interior comfortable while also saving on cooling costs. If you have an existing economizer or wish to have one installed, an HVAC professional can assist in advising, installing, and maintaining your HVAC economizer to ensure it works at its best.  

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